The brand that started it all.

DELI LITES fresh product range is made with quality at the forefront. Partnering with exciting and innovative food producers enables us to create fresh and nutritious food on the move. Our bespoke range is tailored for all flavour palettes and consumer needs. We have an option to cater for all.

Fresh Sandwiches

Classic Flavours Deeply Filling Extensive Range

Our fresh sandwiches have a little something for everyone. The ranges are perfect as part of a lunchtime combo with locally sourced ingredients. The Deep Fill range is a culmination of classic and innovative flavours with fresh fillings.

Gourmet Wraps

Vibrant Flavours Innovative Combinations Fresh Ingredients

Our wrap range boasts a selection of exciting flavour combinations inspired by world cuisine. We offer everything from the classics to plant based products. A tasty and nourishing meal for any time of the day. For further details and product catalogues get in touch with our team!

Artisan Salads

Generously Packed Nutritious and Delicious Loaded with Flavour

We try to inject flavour at every step of the way. Our prowess in food culture and innovation has enabled us to create delicious and nutritious salads. All of our salads are jam packed with flavour from our Bespoke Bowls to our Pasta Salads. If you have any questions or queries regarding the range get in touch!


If you’re ready to remove the guesswork and serve up the best food to go experience, stop waiting and join us today!

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