Here they are! Check out our three incredible new salads:

  • Super Greens & Grains Salad
  • Singapore Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Salad
  • Salt ‘n’ Chilli Chicken Goujon Salad

Super colourful, nutritionally balanced, and delicious. Made be enjoyed hor or cold!

Super Greens & Grains Salad

Elevate your dining with the nutritionally balanced Super Greens & Grains Salad from Deli Lites.

This handcrafted salad brings together wholesome falafel, rich brown rice, and shelled hemp seeds, harmonising with the goodness of nutrient-packed kale and spring onion. Freshness is added with baby leaf spinach topped with protein-rich edamame beans and dressed in a refreshing mint and lime dressing.

This versatile vegetarian dish can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Singapore Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Salad

Experience a taste adventure through the Singapore Style Chicken Noodle Salad by Deli Lites.

Discover the perfect fusion of Tender Wasabi-spiced chicken breast accompanied by pickled carrots, spring onions, and grilled peppers. Paired with rice noodles and crisp bean sprouts dressed in an Asian-style sauce featuring soy, sesame, garlic, and ginger, with a hint of curry. Crowned with crispy fried onions and vibrant chilli slices.

A perfect anytime meal which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Salt 'n' Chilli Chicken Goujon Salad

Embark on a flavour journey with Deli Lites signature Salt ‘n’ Chilli Chicken Goujon Salad.

Delight in the fusion of salt ‘n’ chilli goujons,perfectly complemented by Asian-inspired brown rice enriched with egg, peas and pickled carrot. The ensemble of char-grilled peppers, edamame beans, pickled onions, and vibrant spinach add to a harmonious palette of flavours which is topped with zingy salt ‘n’ chilli mayo.

This product can be enjoyed hot or cold, catering to your preference.

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